Shlohmo: Dark Red

What a white-hot soul-searing mindblowing roaring imploding soundscape trip this is: my head rolls right off my neck down my back and my ass by my legs and my mind drops down the hole of my depthless blackness to the red-hot heart in my chest there that then pries and rips the rim of my ribs that tight clasp that grip within so wide and so hard apart that all that quivering mess that shifting bloody bundle of high-strung tubing that are snaking a round and around and twisting and turning and quaking and baking and coiling and roiling and churning and burning and heaving and skeeting through the cage and the flesh and the bones and the skin and the walls and the shot and the shot in a soul- and heartgasmic flash: I am launched through the ’branes ‘ver-whelmed with the truth of the spur of the thrust of the one and the only mother of a moment that there is.

Kind of.

Thumbs up Shlohmo! (Not to mention your collab with Corbin on Mourn.) And thank you! Thanks for helping me decompressing once again!


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