2020 The Perfect Storm


so here we are many of us clearheaded and confident with a common sense finding the whole thing absurd with some of us articulating it to ourselves and others while the lunacy keeps escalating—and it doesn’t matter how eloquent and conversant we wax things do not seem to improve much—our collective consciousness is just too neurotic and dim to break into a smile unmasked and enlighten—intelligent speech alters not a dot in the course of governments have the final say no matter how ludicrous the measures they mandate and impose on their own substrate the citizens

but in a way this is the perfect storm—when all the control freaks come out the woodwork and all them fear-stricken righteous drones who borrow their spine and their marrow from rules and regulations and institutions of government get all exposed—as only the soul-deficient guilt-ridden lemmings feel the need to virtue signal and holier than thou their willfully blind way through the china shop of other people’s conscience

this is the real plague we are up against—a spiritual disease—it is we who’ve been the problem all along—not a nasty little beastie but we—we who want ourselves be shepherded and protected from the latest iteration and incarnation of some trumped up obnoxious phantom—we who let ourselves be discouraged from being simply honest and true and relying on our common sense and intuition—and embrace our inevitable and ineluctable lot—of exposure to Transience and Contingency

and so here we are in the rumbling belly of 2020—with the emerging phase shift where invited we are to lighten up and realize who we actually are and what we actually stand for—as we no longer want to continue to stand for hypocrisy and pretense and be the victim of our fears




nothing out of the ordinary this—no—we grow—our humanity evolves—and while in the past it used to take the form of wars now it takes the form of a global hoax

this is the way it always goes: on the eve of a new spurt of growth we contract—for who knows how long—hopefully not beyond our lifetime though

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