ID 2030

here’s an idea for a dystopian sci-fi novel based on some of the current trends today:

old billionaire geezers turn to the LAST FRONTIER in an attempt to defy death and elude giving up their ghost. having conquered the economical and power structures globally they set their sights on transcending the mortal coil of the flesh with the aid of technology and science.

they have a vast resource at their disposal to experiment on/with: given that OVERPOPULATION is a pressing issue in their view they feel justified in subjecting citizens of the world to risky gene editing technology via mandatory veccination—with which they intend to hook up the antenna-fitted body to the CLOUD and then merge with AI.

and so experimental jabs are foisted upon the unsuspecting plebs with the help of servile careerist officials groomed into executive positions all over the world. they declare a pandemic that authorizes the first wave of a veccine rollout. and the story begins…

at heart, these delusional old farts regard themselves as misunderstood Beasts (shunned by Beauty for the moment) who are committed to elevate humanity out of the swamp of sweat & tears & blood & pus and are ready to make a sacrifice for that—come hell or high water.

they are doing it for a future that will recognize their contribution as DIVINE intervention…

// the morals of the story being:

Ort Frankfurt am Main / DeutschlandCredit OHNELegende Der Rassenhygeniker und spätere KZ-Arzt Josef Mengele während seiner Zeit am Institut für Erbbiologie und Rassenhygiene in Frankfurt am Main, das von seinem zweiten Doktorvater Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer geleitet wurde. Vgl. ID 5890152, dort mit Credit: Archiv zur Geschichte der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin Dahlem. Dort auch die Datierung 1937-1940Fotograf OHNE(A) OHNE


humans play God at their own (i.e. each other’s) peril.


any time a person or a group of persons interferes in the affairs of others in order to improve the existential state of affairs of those others: it is ultimately done to serve the interests of the person or group of persons doing the interfering.


a PARASITE is as a PARASITE does—hell bent on killing itself by eradicating the HOST.


the “THEY” is, of course, US.

given enough resources and legislative leverage: this is the endgame that almost all of us would aim at—in the current, reigning paradigm of consciousness.

given enough leeway to turn away from the real world and the problems involved—toward indulging our fantasies in the CLOUD 9 online where everything’s possible: this is the conclusion that almost all of us would arrive at.

the “they” are what WE collectively are—in the reigning paradigm of consciousness.


radical SELF-RELIANCE is the key the unlocks the closed loop of the existential anxiety.

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