Adding Blue to Red Yields Magenta


what’s more interesting than the polarization intensifying in the global culture right now is the fact that there seems to be two major types of humans—each with their strengths (virtues) and weaknesses (sins). while some of us lean more toward socialism others of us tend more toward individualism. apparently.

the problem with communism and socialism (as I see it) is that it is based on the dynamics of codependence: wherein the parties are at the mercy of those who become the dominant members of the group; and the problem with individualism is that it is based on the psychology of separation and distrust.

in codependence the parties can abuse each other to the extent they are reliant on one another. in independence the individual is left to their own limited devices and is exposed to the elements.

these are the psycho-energetic poles we are magnetized toward when operating from existential anxiety. we either seek solace in the crowd or in the illusion of control of a self-directed life.

. . .

polarity is not something to be resolved, though. polarity is a creative tension or force that drives development and growth.

in a way we were all waiting for the present stir of events. that’s why it’s here. and all that we can do is embrace for impact.

precisely what we are aching to do.

Re Activism



being an activist more often than not’s a condescending gesture which assumes that the given object/subject of activism is so weak and fragile that it needs an activist’s protection (from their own reckless brothers and sisters).



environmentalism begins at one’s aura. the actual vibe we put out is what we are primarily responsible for. and not much more. the rest is taken care of by the grace of globe.



you think you are a good soul raising awareness and all: but in all likelihood all you are raising’s only hell and the level of division. that is to say: the quotient of the collective human neurosis.



you are (in effect) intent on wounding others around yourself—under the pretext of healing things—just so you feel off the hook (say) of your internal hell by imposing it without?



now honestly:

isn’t it utterly deluded to assume that the world needs anyone’s protection?

that mother Earth (the womb) could be victimized by humanity (the fetus)?



isn’t it sort of schizoid to treat the world as a separate entity from humanity?

as if humanity was not itself an expression of nature?



isn’t it deeply arrogant and narcissistic to assume that you know what’s good for others and the world?



isn’t it actually counterproductive (in the long run) to guilt and shame anyone into performing certain (pretend) gestures?



isn’t it more productive to (silently) walk your talk rather than pro-vocatively talk it?



don’t you sometimes feel like that you’re part of a mob which threatens to drag us all into a fascistic and joyless state and flux of affairs?



what kind of utopia would you expect from constantly policing an ever more sterile sandbox of a society?