so here I am and I am here and I say yes:

I allow what is and I roll with what gives,

I say yes because I am here and I say yes,

not because I want to change the world,

or to change the people of the world, no

I say yes because I’m here and life is yes,

life is yes and so I say yes: simple as that,

I take what life gives and I give what life

takes, yes: I say yes because even if it is

a goddamn mess, in the end, life is a yes



Inside Out

They say that the way out is through: that the way to the other is through the self: that the way out is through going in. But it’s just as true to say the flip side of all this: That it is by going out that we find our way in: That we are born to explore: That we are mobile creatures with limbs and a sex for a reason: That we’re here to move about and engage and discover how life flows, how life is flowering through us—reincarnated as it were in a particular way through each one of us: For it is out there where we find true intimacy with all that is ultimately within.