Navel Port

Contemplate the totality of the fruits borne by the tree of life.


navels primer


The art of navel-gazing is a pretty looked down upon (clumsy pun half-intended) and underrated activity. To collect the lint that occasionally builds up in it. To ponder the intricate ridges in the bowl of its crater.

For is there a better reminder of our fundamental wholeness and oneness with all Being: than that seal of umbilical cut in the middle of our body?

The origo of our being. 200px-T-shaped_navel


No wonder I find there is a tension right around that area whenever I am emotionally cringing or begin another episode of compulsive bingeing.

But as I ’relax into’ my belly-button and ’feel’ from there, and ’perceive’ the moment right from there: the tension in fact almost invariably abates.

Try it.

Also, next time you engage someone: try and relate to them as if right from your belly-button. Perceive from your origo.

Stop more often to contemplate your navel—is all I’m saying.


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